Nice websites and neat links

I like spending more time on the internet than I should, but that means that I know a bunch of cool places!

About video games - A Fire Emblem: Three Houses datamine project, with a lot of voiceclips and scripts (supports, endings, battles...) Good for content you don't always find in the Fandom wiki.

Games Fashion Archive - A digital fashion archive for video games. There aren't many games covered, but these are awesome references for fanarts or cosplays.

Hardcore Gaming 101 - A more historical point of view on video games. It made me discover a lot of games I had never heard of. The articles about "kusoge" (shitty games) are really funny.

The Obscuritory - A blog about lesser-known games from before the 2010s.

Internet games

A Dark Room - A minimalist text adventure.

Armor Games - My favourite place on the internet to play html games!

Dulcet Games - Free to play visual novels with ROMANCE.

Little Alchemy - A free game similar to Doodle God. Don't forget to check Little Alchemy 2!

Shindan Maker - Not exactly a game, but a website where you can be "diagnosed" with fun stuff by just entering your name, like who's your Genshin Impact soulmate or what kind of anime character you would be.

Wellness and mental health

Tiny Buddha - I swear this site saved me a few years ago. There are many, many articles about any hardship you can go through. It changed the way I saw life.

The Blurt Fondation - Blog - A blog about depression and how to cope with it. Pretty helpful!