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Saturday, March 9th, 2024

March already?

I can't believe it, time flies! And at the same time, the last few months have been a bit hard for me. I already spoke about it in the previous entry. Long story short, it's only getting better because my doctor has been giving me a higher dosage for one of my meds. I hope it stays like this! Keeping my fingers crossed.

I haven't had much motivation to do anything. I'm reading less, drawing less. I'm trying to get back into everything but I feel so tired. The fact that I fell ill recently didn't help (painful stomach issues, but I'm slowly getting better thanks to my treatment), so recently I've just been playing games, watching videos and resting. I'm basically a slug. A slug that can't even eat what it wants because of its stomach. Fortunately there's a thing I'm looking forward to this year! I'm gonna go to the USA in a few months, and spend time with my girlfriend. I've never been to America before, so I'm excited! There are so many things I want to see and try. And hopefully we can go to Orlando! I love traveling but I haven't had the occasion to do it much these last few years, so that's my biggest plan for this year.

Finding other projects and plans for this year would be a good idea, but it can be hard when you don't have much motivation. I was originally planning on going to Japan Expo again this year, but with the Olympic games taking place in Paris shortly after, I was afraid it would get too stressful and expensive. I also wanted to save money and vacation days for my big trip, so I probably should find a new thing to do that's not expensive. Because for now, I feel like I'm just waiting for time to pass. Ugh, I wanna be excited about life again. Hopefully my next blog entry is more joyful!

PS: Oh yeah, I got a new piercing last week! A conch one! I had wanted one for years and omg I'm so happy with it! Maybe I'll post a pic someday!

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